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Download Application

  1. Go to www.mobalet.com – you will find a tab that will enable you to download the Mobile Application.
  2. For Android users, go to ‘Playstore’ and Type ‘Mobalet’ under the search button and click ‘Install’


The application can be registered via web as well as via mobile app.
  1. In the web version, go to www.mobalet.com and click on ‘Register’. This will direct you to the registration page wherein you can fill your valid email address and password and click to proceed.
  2. You will be sent a link in your email address wherein you can click on the link and complete your registration process (Registration Details).
  3. In the Mobile Application version, Click on Register and input your valid email address and password. A code will be sent to you email address. Use the code to further complete your registration and become a valid user.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

To become a verified user, one must complete the KYC (Know your customer) requirement prescribed by NRB. To complete that, go to your account setting and under profile, click on verify user and complete the details (Three generation name, Citizenship Copy, Photo and Birth date, Address, etc.)

As a verified user you will now have full access to all the functionalities of the Application.


Go to Account section and click on ‘My Profile’ – under ‘My Profile’ you can edit the entire sub heading apart from ‘Primary Email’

Under ‘My Profile’, click on the camera icon and change your profile picture

Mobalet Service

Mobalet aims to simplify your payments – this means that you can now pay for Utility, Flight Bookings, Mobile top ups, ISPs, DTH and so forth from Mobalet itself.

No. We do not charge any extra charges but aim to provide discounts to our users for any services or products consumed.

Yes, given you hold their respective information – you can easily make payments for them.

Simply by checking on your reports of transactions you will know that a transaction executed by you has been completed or not.

There is no need to worry – it simply means that your recharge or bill payment will be done shortly or else money will be reverted back to your Mobalet wallet.

It means that there has been some error, please check with your bank or feel free to call our 24/7 support team or feel free to drop us an email. We will make sure to get back to you within 24 hrs and tend to the problem.

Please do not worry, please drop us an email with your respective screenshot at ‘support@mobalet.com’ or call us in our support number. We will ensure that such transaction amounts are returned to you immediately and we will reward you in case you have been able to provide us with additional information with regards system error on our part.

Sometimes there are errors occurred in our merchant system and transaction could not be successful, your amount might be put into hold till settlement made by merchant. If merchant makes your transaction success, the hold amount is charged and your transaction will become successful and if not hold amount will be refunded. Generally hold amount is settled within 24 hours or sometime more.

Merchant Products

You can browse across the plans we have or just top up with the minimum value whereby you can receive a PIN to recharge your respective service requirement. Our merchant are growing, please go to Buy/Pay Page to see all lists of merchant.


Start by adding funds to your wallet.

There are four modes by which you can add funds

  1. Counter Deposit: You can check out the our account number held with various banks under this section as well as all the available counters for manual deposit and thereby manually deposit funds to that account and accordingly attach a picture of the receipt and confirm payment. The transaction at your end will show pending unless approved by Mobalet admin (which should not take more than 5 minutes). Once approved, the funds will be displayed as your wallet balance.
  2. Net banking: If you have e-banking facility with one of our Banking partners, you can load funds into your wallet using the respective e-banking facility. Currently we have tied up with Nepal Investment Bank Ltd, NIC Asia Bank Ltd and Machhapuchhre Bank Ltd for providing wallet load function through e-banking.
  3. Payment Aggregator: We have tied with Npay, a payment aggregator that provides SCT based Debit and Credit card wallet load function as well as various e-banking wallet load functions. So wallet load can be done from there too if you hold a valid SCT card or have e-banking with the partnered banks and financial institutions.
  4. Others: We have also tied up with Prabhu Management in order to enable our users to load their wallet from additional sources apart from the ones mentioned above. Other sources include ‘Kiosk Machines’ owned by Prabhu Management and Remittance Agents of ‘Prabhu Group’.

Kindly contact your bank for such issues or drop us an email at support@mobalet.com

Please contact you bank to enable your third party payment option.

We will transfer the fund to your Mobalet wallet, or you can contact us at support@mobalet.com and register the issue. We ensure to resolve your issue within 24 hrs.

Share and Earn

Refer and earn implies that when you refer or introduce your friend to world of Mobalet - we provide reward points that can be redeemed to avail various rewards over time.

Click on share and earn get your refer code and share with your friend or simply click on share and earn tab select option to send message to your friend via facebook, twitter or googleplus.

Forgot Password

Don’t worry simply click on forget password tab, receive a forget password link on email and input your new password or email us at support@mobalet.com.

Super Reseller

A super reseller is like an agent of Mobalet. A super reseller can create users and sub agents under his network to resell our products and services and earn commission.

A super reseller acts as a marketing agent of Mobalet and creates subagents (users) under his own network. Hence when such users execute transactions, as a super reseller S/he would be entitled to a certain commission as decided by Mobalet , which will be credited to his Mobalet account.

Say ‘A’ is a user; he can go to the ‘Earn While you Sell’ tab and complete the Super Reseller Registration Process. Now upon being a verified super reseller – he can market himself and ask individuals such a ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ and ‘E’ to become users of Mobalet using his refer code or he himself creating accounts for them through his web panel ‘Add Customers’ under ‘Customer’ tab. Once those users are registered they can execute transactions. Say ‘B’ does a NTC recharge of NPR 100 – ‘A’ being a super reseller will get a certain percentage of NPR 100 as decided by Mobalet into his wallet.

Load Wallet

No cost is incurred by the user when adding money to Mobalet our partner banks via Internet banking (ebanking) or counter deposits. However, when money is added to mobalet through Debit/ Credit Card, SCT NPAY a charge may be applicable. You will be shown Service charge while you load fund.

FOR ANY OTHER ISSUES FEEL FREE TO CALL US AT +977 01-4260622 OR DROP US AN EMAIL AT support@mobalet.com.